Since our founding, United Photographers Hong Kong (UPHK) has received strong support and appreciation from photographers and photographic organizations both locally and from overseas. We wish to express our heartful gratitude to those who have nurtured and fostered UPHK. Following footsteps in generations of photographers from the past as well as in the spirit of promoting international salon of arts, UPHK announces a new rating scheme for international salon: International Photographic Salon Ranking Scheme (Phase I) with the following highlights:

1) UPHK welcomes the registration of international salons organized by all photographic organisations around the world as UPHK's Recognized Salons, which has the following sections:


    Registration fee for a Recognised Salon is USD100. Registration fee for a particular section is USD25.

    Prices of UPHK Salon medals as follows:

  • GOLD MEDAL (USD15 per piece)
  • SILVER and BRONZE MEDAL (USD10 per piece)

    2) In each calendar year from January to December, every salon participating photographers are ranked in the following lists in accordance with the highest number of acceptances in UPHK's Recognised Salons. Each list shows the names of photographers and number of acceptances that will be published on a UPHK website (URL:

  • A) Greater China's Top 10 Salon Photographers (For photographers from the Chinese Mainland(PRC), Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Chinese Taipei)

  • B) Asia Pacific's Top 10 Salon Photographers (For photographers from the countries/regions of Asia, Australasia and Pacific-Rim)

  • C) Euro-America's Top 10 Salon Photographers (For photographers from the countries/regions of Europe, North America and South America)

    This ratings scheme accepts applications for registration starting from 12th August 2016. Details in application will be announced shortly. We urge the continuous strong support from all photographers and all photographic organizations around the world.

  • Click below link to download:

    【Guideline to Apply UPHK Patronage for International Salon】

    【UPHK Salon Patronage Application Form】